Hey! Hello! What is up sisters ( and brothers )

I’m super excited to have you here and can’t wait to tell you all about the Anonymous Black Girl, who she is – umm wait I cant tell WHO I am but I can tell you essence of my vibe.

I’m a young black (duh girl, how many times are you going to tell them??) woman in her 20 somethings, this sounds so much more chic, I am a newbie to my 20’s I am a wholesome 21. I live in inner city London and yes we all say “init”. Aside from that I am Ghanaian by origin and somehow found myself on the other side of the world, swangin’ through this Western Life 🙂 . Joking guys, its really not that abstract but anyways I’m here.

What made me wanna start ABG you ask?

Before any of you initiate a journal – let me tell you, I run thruuuu them journals! This is something different. The purpose of this blog on a more serious note is to create my voice through my anonymity, I want to share my story, voice my pain, rejoice in my joys – super cringe I know but I want to share my experience of being a black woman in an urban city whilst navigating through my diasporan identity and generally freelancing through the world that clouds my thoughts.

I want/need ABG to be a safe space for me and many other women just like me. I want to cause a ruckus, a disruption, a damn show. I want there to be visibility in my anonymity.