A perfectly not planed post – or was it really?

A perfectly not planed post – or was it really?

Its 2:30am here where I am, in London. I’m up and alert – I had a moment where my fatigue caught up on me, it shortly faded after an Instagram scroll-ing spree. I don’t know why I did that.

I’m writing this post, completely unplanned – which is weird for me. I am a meticulous person, I obsess over the tiniest details and seek to control my environments and often everyone in it too. I know ; major control freak, but its my flaw, and I’m working on it. The thought of this post being unplanned scares me – there’s just too much leeway for mistakes. What if I forget this? What if this happens? What will I do to prevent *an unlikely scenario* from happening?

Planning eases those thoughts – it gives you comfort , you see, thinking you’re prepared for situations. Time and time again, life tells us to stick our plans where the sun don’t shine. A plan of some degree is necessary – it gives you direction, motivation and a purpose for your actions. We have to be careful not to over plan though I guess – cause then does that not defeat the purpose? I don’t know, I’m major 2AM’D right now. Does anybody else develop like a 5th sense at 2AM?

I guess we should all plan with a purpose, plan within reason. Not to over stress over the things we can not control – things that may possibly always be out of our control especially when other autonomous and unpredictable humans are involved. Let’s plan with purpose, for direction but let’s never forget to enjoy the process and take on board the chapters and the pages we didn’t plan for.

Thank you for reading

Anonymous Black Girl x